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Not so many people get excited upon speaking about the subject of “change” and no wonder that it is linked to uncertainty and pain. However, change is inevitable and I don’t think it can be avoided except by iced-up mentalities.

Nothing in the natural world remains the same from one moment to the next. There is an old saying: “The only constant in life is change”, everything is dynamic, continually changing whether we want it to or not, whether we are a willing participant or not. We are part of that world, and our lives can expand in response to this normal call to change.

Over the years I've seen people who are not just changing but seeking change motivated by the desire to be the best they can be. Actually I consider it a prove of maturity to be able to recognize one’s deficiencies and seek personal growth and development, the more this attitude expands to cover different life dimensions, the more we enhance the quality of our lives and experience life deeply and joyfully.

So mostly, change shouldn’t be linked to pain except for those who are pretty well stuck right where they are, those who are attached tightly to their childish comfort zones where they are safe, secure and can easily select the attitude of complaining about everything and condemning everybody but themselves. Intimidated by the unknown, some might just deny pressures and reject any call for change …but what’s wrong with this model? Why wouldn’t we just deny the “push-pull” forces and live happy?

Putting on blinders and ignoring situations that drives change prevents us from seeing what the world can be through our efforts and prevents us from making a genuine difference in the world by following our passion which can be the greatest price one can pay. We fail short to recognize one of our most valuable assets in life is the ability to learn and to enhance our characters, our personalities, our health, our attitudes, our work environments, our look, our relations and our lives as a whole.

In a word, life without change is easy, is secure and is safe but most likely it leads to a wasted life with no real purpose, no joy. And yet change means stepping into the unknown and losing your comfortable routine, it is an opportunity to develop, to grow, to evolve and to be the best you can be.



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Business analysis is simply the ability to identify business needs and develop proper solutions to meet the identified needs by applying sound analysis techniques that make the solution feasible.

Most of the business cases face challenges in defining the exact needs and setting a solution scope, this is where several important business analysis techniques can be employed:

  • MOST (Mission, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics) – Identifying each of these elements allows business analysts to conduct a thorough internal analysis of what an organization is aiming to accomplish and how best to go about doing that.
  • PESTLE (Political, Economic, Sociological, Technological, Legal and Environmental) – This model is used by business analysts to evaluate various external factors that will impact their company and determine how to address them.
  • SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) – This business analysis technique is used to identify areas of both strength and weakness within a corporate structure and translate them into opportunities and threats, which helps in determining the proper allocation of resources.
  • MoSCoW (Must or Should, Could or Would) – This process allows for the prioritization of requirements by presenting a framework in which each individual requirement can be evaluated relative to the others. Is it a must-have? Something the project should have? Something that could improve the deliverable? Or something that would be a good future addition?
  • CATWOE (Customers, Actors, Transformation Process, World View, Owner and Environmental Constraints) – This business analysis technique identifies the main parties and processes that will be affected by any action the business undertakes. This makes it possible for business analysts to thoroughly evaluate the impact of any proposed action under consideration.
  • The 5 Whys – A mainstay of both Six Sigma and business analysis techniques, this series of leading questions helps business analysts single out the root cause of a problem by asking why a situation exists, then subjecting the answer to another “why?”, and so on.
  • Six Thinking Hats – This process is used to direct a group’s line of thinking during a brainstorming session by considering alternate perspectives and ideas. The “six hats” in this technique are categorized as White (logical, data-driven thinking), Red (emotion-based reactions), Black (adverse thinking, focused on cons), Yellow (positive thinking, focused on pros), Green (creative thinking) and Blue (big-picture overview).

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When it’s too negative all around, when your energy is drained or when you are just exhausted because of all the bad news that overwhelms us all the time…don’t hide, don’t be passive and don’t pretend that bad actuality doesn’t exist, just HELP.

One sunny Saturday, I decided to go and help the children in a poor area to play and organize games for them. I went there with the perspective of helping other people and make them enjoy the day, just to find out that I was the one who received all the joy and the happiness of that day. No matter how simple my role was but meeting new people, smiling at their faces, chatting with complete strangers yet awesome characters, and finally playing with them, brought waves of happiness to my soul and renewed my energy, it extended my ability to give and maximized my passion for life.

GO volunteer and DO help others…not just for them but for YOURSELF.



Maybe it is not a common feeling that employees working in different fields, organizations and even countries have. However, feeling the “joy” of doing something unique, valuable and beneficial is tightly attached to the work life. It’s where we are “Productive” and where we meet people like colleagues and clients with tons of opportunities to build and enjoy good relations with those who works with us, which is something that can simply bring happiness and adds significance to one’s life, so if you are not happy going to work and just hold negative feelings in your way from home to where you work daily, please consider the following:

  • Communicate:

Take an advantage of being with people who are doing the same thing and heading same destination. In this environment you can express yourself and fulfill the need to feel that what you say has a value in the context of discussion. It will make you feel that you belong to the organization more and work becomes meaningful because you know that your contribution affects the organization that you are affiliated with.

  • Give and Take

Trust your co-workers in the day-to-day interactions, and go for learning new things from those who are around you even if they are younger, less experienced or just are not following your own life style…there will always be something to learn from your colleagues every day.

Find a common ground between you and all those who are sharing work duties with you to become more united with the organization’s mission and the bigger vision.

  • Give credit to others (share the reward)

“Happiness is never complete unless it is shared”, this is an old saying that encourages people to go public with their happy moments. As a reflection, I think it’s a great idea to share your rewards with others who have directly/ indirectly helped you get the reward.

These attitudes will not just make you happier with the reward you get, but will also give you confidence that it will be paid back to you someday when you help others performing better at their work, this definitely enhances the work space and make it more enjoyable.

  • Smile