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Every one of us is suffering in his/her carrier life from not being able to focus and not being able to complete a task with complete focus, the level of distraction is different from one person to another, but at the end of the day we all suffer from this. One of the very clear and obvious symptoms of the distraction is stopping the current task in hand to go to the social media websites like Facebook and Twitter or leaving your desk to go to do any other task that is not urgent or not important.

At this point, whenever you detect that you are distracted, you should start investing your time focusing on this problem and how to solve it, believe me there is no common solution for this problem that if you apply, everything will get fixed. The solution should be self-originated, but I can tell you my personal experience in this. When I feel that I am distracted, I stop everything that I am doing at this moment and I go to an empty and silent place without people and start thinking about my current situation and I start analyzing why I am distracted. There could be a lot of reasons (personal reasons) but it is better to start thinking of a solution rather than proceeding with work while you are distracted.

The solution of distraction should go in two directions: short term and long term. The short term solution is to list all the not urgent and not important tasks that you do like the social media websites and addiction games then commit to stop them just for 21 consecutive days. The long term solution will be to work on your whole life by making it organized and planned life and this start everyday with you when you wake up, you have to be organized and have a well-defined tasks you do before you go to work, you have to have a priority list, you have to be strict with yourself in the priorities yet flexible on getting things done.