They tell you life is easy and beautiful all the time and if you’re happy it will always go smooth without any troubles or difficulties? LIARS!

Description:*As a matter of fact, life has to have hardships and pain because that’s the only way you’ll truly take pleasure in the good times. You won’t know how happiness really feels like if all you know is being content; not until you have gone through something else and compared your life during and after a hardship.

However, the trick is not only about convincing yourself that after a difficulty has passed the good times will follow; the real trick is actually during the turbulent times when you choose to challenge yourself that you will get over it; so you start analyzing the problem, innovating the solutions or ways that will help you overcome it, acting and implementing those solutions step by step, even if slowly but consistently and always envisioning yourself celebrating and enjoying the success of defeating that problem as well as gaining more confidence, more knowledge and the power to be in control of your life. 

It’s always during those hard times that people excel and reveal their true and best capabilities; just like the stars that twinkle and sparkle best when it’s the darkest and that’s also when you enjoy the bright moon, or like gold that has to go through fire to be purified, or the diamonds that have to go through harsh polishing phases & cut into pieces to be so beautifully shaped and sparkles with those amazing colors. 

Those people who shine at those times are mostly viewed as lucky people who had everything at their hands to succeed; well, they did, they had the positive mindset, they had the willingness to act, they had the desire to create and innovate, they had the passion to enjoy what they do, they had the control over their inner switch which they turned on and it activated the leader inside to guide them to their objectives without the need of someone else leading them or telling them you can do it because you have the power to. They are seen as happy people because they are lucky, when actually the adjective that combines the words “happy” with “lucky” is the “happy-go-lucky” and not vice versa. They might not be lucky to have rocks thrown at them, but they are surely happy people to be able to view those rocks as being thrown to them to help them in building themselves a staircase to move up.

But if it’s a matter of choice and capability that everyone can have, why do a lot of people have endless difficulties and they seem to be forever drowned in that bottomless well of problems? Because most probably they approach the problems with the most common mindset; the problem is huge and I won’t defeat it by myself. They choose to switch off the inner leader and commander within them that would know how to go through such an obstacle and becomes a stronger person; yes, they choose to give themselves the infamous excuse of I can’t do it. Maybe they don’t want to do some effort by stepping out of the darker room to the brighter one. At the end, it’s their call to act or not, to act positively or passively.

You have the choice to perceive situations and circumstances as problems or ways of growth and enhancements, and you have the choice to approach each with a determination to defeat and learn from or to be defeated by them. And remember, there won’t be rainbows without the rain, and it’s during the rain that view becomes clearer and new things start to grow.

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