I am so interested in positivity, execution, progress and results because I wasted valuable time of my life in negativity and trying to achieve my goals, but never achieving them because of negativity and worry. During this period of time, I was struggling to achieve results but I came to a situation where I decided that I must have a different way of thinking and a different perspective for life to have different results.

One of the things that helped me a lot in shifting my life from negativity to positivity is the way I deal with the critical assumptions and my false believes. Have you ever came to a situation where you strongly believe that you have a brilliant idea and you want to execute but you are stuck with the MAGICAL “BUT” where you say to yourself, this idea is brilliant BUT I don’t have the time to work on it, I don’t have enough money to do it, or I don’t have the talent or the skills to do it, Those are all critical assumptions. If they are truly TRUE, you should know how you are going to face them to achieve your goal and it they are FALSE, they are acting like a scarecrow, they are just holding you back from achieving your goal.

The critical assumptions are not only negative assumptions, they might be positive assumptions but still cause a failure to your goal or idea, as an example, if you are starting a business on top of a product and you assumed that you will be able to sell 10,000 unit in the first year, this is a good assumption, but what if it was wrong assumption, it means that your business failed before it started.

The best way to attack the critical assumptions is to write them down and start facing them one by one. Analyze them and try to have a clear evidence that this assumption is true or false. Analyzing the critical assumptions one by one give you power over them and give you the enough confidence before starting any idea.

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