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What jrebel?

JRebel is the java Web development tool that helps us to save our time consumed in application deployment by reloading changes made in your workspace into a running JVM, without restarts or redeploys, maintaining the state of the application while you’re coding. When developers make a change to any class or resource in their IDE, the change is immediately reflected in the deployed application, skipping the build and redeploy phases and preventing an average of 5.25 work weeks per year in redeploys.

JRebel is available as IDE Plugin or as a bundled with jar file.

Why jrebel?

Reload Java classes

See all changes to Java code instantly in the browser. Save and refresh! The same is true for your other project files. Description: C:\Users\John Sameh\Documents\jr-key-features.png

Compile from the IDE

Compiling Java code in modern IDEs is blazingly quick. It’s the other phases of the build that make it last forever.

With JRebel all classes and resources are loaded directly from the workspace. No more time spent on building WAR/EAR archives, resolving dependencies, etc. 

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Reload webapp changes remotely

Used to working with a remote development server? Then you know how painful it can be. With JRebel, run your application locally, remotely or in the cloud and see code and configuration changes instantly.

Supported IDE

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