Software industry is the most changing industry ever you can join. Every single morning new technologies appear that replace old ones. If you are working in, you know you have to be updated 24/7 to be able to cope with this changing environment.

All these make it so hard to adapt the idea of having a process or work standards. They feel that everything is changing so fast that they don’t need to follow such processes or standards. They think it might slow down their fast lifestyle.

Having processes may be one of the most valuable assets any SW firm may have, as it lays the guidelines to such dynamic industry which are very helpful to guide your employees as everything else is changing around them!!!

Process will be the contour for work flexibility; it will not slow down your fast lifestyle, but it will not let it disturb you. It will put everything in its order and time. It will help you control the SW projects and won't let SW projects control your life.

The word “Flexibility” plays a key role here; the team has to apply, enhance, and tailor their own process as this will make it easier. Quality person has to know they should be flexible with process tailoring respecting the core of the process. 

Final Advise: Invest more and more time enhancing your process as this will directly reflect on your daily work.

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