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Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) :

Internet Explorer 11 is a version of Internet Explorer, a web browser, by Microsoft. It was officially released on 17 October 2013 for Windows 8.1 and on 7 November 2013 for Windows 7. I am going to explain two issues usually face developers.

The First issue is about Internet Explorer updated version 11.0.9600.16476, and the second problem is faced on all versions of IE11.

First issue on Internet Explorer 11.0.9600.16476:

First download and setup Internet Explorer 11 for windows 7. After setup, you will find that IE is of the following version 11.0.9600.16428. This is the original release of IE; however, if you do any machine updates or your automatic updater is on, your browser will be updated to 11.0.9600.16476.

This version of internet explorer has very big problem with JQuery ajax request; it sends the request without parameters. This might cause serious problems like null pointer exception or error 500 Internal server error due to null parameters.

Note: this issue happened with $.ajax or $.post and this is experimented on Facebook "see more" and messages and w3schools : 

Solution: you have two solution and I recommend the second one:

  1.  Pass parameters in URL like : /index.html?id=5&name=Bob instead of sent it in json data:{id:5,name:’Bob’}. But this solution is not effective because if you make post request you don’t need to send parameters in URL, also imagine you work on a website that work 100 ajax post you will find yourself in great need to change your post URL like: /index.html?id=5&name=Bob
  2. Update your machine so that your IE version will become 11.0.9600.16476IS. This version works properly without problems.

Second issue on Internet Explorer 11.0:

Starting with IE11, the navigator object supports plugins and mimeTypesproperties. In addition, the window.ActiveXObject property is hidden from the DOM (This means you can no longer use the property to detect IE11.) .

As we know in old versions of IE we use something like this to detect if browser is IE

if (window.ActiveXObject){

this.isIEBrowser = true;


This statement will return undefined due to window.ActiveXObject property being hidden from the DOM .


To detect Internet Explorer, condition must be changed to

if (window.ActiveXObject !== undefined){

this.isIEBrowser = true;


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