Delegation is the partnership of authority and not responsibility to another person to carry out specific activities. (Definition by Wikipedia)

Delegation is a very important skill. All team members, from managers to executives need to know what delegation means and how they can delegate task effectively. It is not about passing tasks, it’s how to give responsibilities to others and monitor them at the same time to save money, time, build people and team skills and motivates people.

Some people fear delegation simply because they don’t trust their team members. But I want to tell you that if you don’t trust them because they need more experience, you have to work on them to improve their skills instead of doing all things by yourself.

But if your fears of delegation is because you want to control everything in your hand, I want to tell you don’t blame anyone else than yourself as “You will be stuck on details forever”

There is a golden rule for delegation, which guarantee you delegate effectively: To enable someone else to do the job for you, you must ensure that:

  • they know what you want: to delegate a task to someone, it requires clear communication on what is the task in details, and what is the expected output from this task.
  • they have the authority to achieve it: delegating a task implies delegating authority; if you just delegated a task to others without authority, you are just bothering yourself and the other person more and more, as they will refer back to you in each details which means poor delegation!
  • they know how to do it: one of most important benefits of delegation is building people capacity, so the person who will handle the task should be able to do it or at least know how to start in it and what is requested exactly.

When you first start to delegate to someone, you may notice that he or she takes longer than you do to complete tasks. This is because you are an expert in the field and the person you have delegated to is still learning. Be patient: if you have chosen the right person to delegate to, and you are delegating correctly, you will find that he or she quickly becomes competent and reliable.

Remember: True leaders are so curious of building other layers of leaders by delegation and mentoring, but fake leaders only care about controlling everything themselves, not caring about their teams or companies.

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