Rasha Abdel Wahab

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Lifestyle is perceived differently by most people, some sees lifestyle as a matter of having habits such as exercising, eating healthy, getting enough rest, these are all things we can relate to, and they definitely have a certain impact on your lifestyle. However, I believe that the right lifestyle is tightly connected with good quality of life as well. In some countries it is easier to have a healthy lifestyle, and that is due to the quality of life, which is already provided by the system in the respective country.

Since I have a bilingual background and have lived in two absolutely different countries, all of my childhood until I was 27 I was living in Denmark and the last 7 years I have been living mostly in Egypt where I am originally from, the huge gap between the two countries have made me think about the differences and why I am able to achieve a decent lifestyle and at the same time have a quality of life which makes me happy.

Due to the fact that I have been raised up in a country with a well-functioning welfare system that values quality of life and lifestyle to an extend that reaches every single citizen in some way, this does not mean that everyone in Denmark is happy and doesn’t have lifestyle problems or that we don’t have e.g. obesity or social problems. Some way or another the Danish system has succeeded in influencing the majority in having some sort of a healthy lifestyle.

Just the fact that you are forced to do everything by yourself due to the high living standards, such as painting your house, clean your car by yourself, tank your car with gasoline, grocery shop, clean up your house, cook your own food etc. all the basic human things which we need to know how to do in order to not rely on anyone else but ourselves. As a girl here in Egypt now it is very uncommon when I tell people that I have been working since I was 13-14 in everything from a bakery to a transport company beside my school.

The big culture shock for me when I moved to Egypt was first of all how much I was relying on the delivery boy to bring my groceries, the guys at the gas station filling my car, the iron boy getting and bringing back my ironed clothes, the people who carries up my groceries when I every now and then miss the experience of grocery shopping.

I came to the conclusion that due to low level of living standards here in Egypt and the major differences in social classes, has created a society that is always relying on the lower social class to handle things for them, somehow, since things are being handled by somebody else, one should think that a lot of Egyptians have a good and relaxed quality of life but on the contrary because in one way or another the people have gotten used to get basic things handled without the major physical effort. A nice lifestyle and a good quality of life has become facts which many people I have met here believes is unachievable, but I believe that it is a matter of priorities and if you really want to have a nice lifestyle and a better quality it’s a matter of that we begin relying on ourselves to achieve this instead of relying on strangers. This is at least what I try to do and so far I am satisfied with my lifestyle and quality of life in Egypt.

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