When it’s too negative all around, when your energy is drained or when you are just exhausted because of all the bad news that overwhelms us all the time…don’t hide, don’t be passive and don’t pretend that bad actuality doesn’t exist, just HELP.

One sunny Saturday, I decided to go and help the children in a poor area to play and organize games for them. I went there with the perspective of helping other people and make them enjoy the day, just to find out that I was the one who received all the joy and the happiness of that day. No matter how simple my role was but meeting new people, smiling at their faces, chatting with complete strangers yet awesome characters, and finally playing with them, brought waves of happiness to my soul and renewed my energy, it extended my ability to give and maximized my passion for life.

GO volunteer and DO help others…not just for them but for YOURSELF.


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