When raising my child, I don’t push him to be the first among his friends, the superior one; I try my best to avoid this because I don’t want him to start comparing himself to others unconsciously. When I want to tell him how special he is for the full marks he got; I don’t ask at all what the others did, I stress on how proud I am with his grades, and how we should always keep it up and be even better in non-school related activities.

This totally applies professionally and personally as well. There are a lot of work situations when sometimes I catch myself wondering; why this person does not treat me like X or Y? Or even on a higher level: Why didn’t our client choose to do the next deal with us in spite of our previous project success story?

Although the questions sound totally logical and there is no real problem about analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the self/firm; the way we think and feel about the questions matters. If you compared yourself to others and started feeling bad, then you are in the wrong direction. Your head will be in a state of hatred, envy, catching mistakes for the others to prove to yourself that the other is wrong and you are correct.

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But what if you always compare yourself to only yourself? You always assess your weaknesses and work on them, you know your strengths and nurture them, working on them almost daily. Cause “Small daily improvements lead to a tsunami of success” <<Robin Sharma>>. Be sure that the improvements will be so obvious for anybody to ignore it. Your client who chose another company will recognize it, your boss and colleagues will admire it, but you should not seek the admiration in the eyes of others, you should seek it in your own mindset. And here comes the Happiness.

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The tricky part is how to prevent your mind from wandering in the wrong way of comparing against the other. So I found a great article found on Wiki-How that gives some hints about how to stop comparing to others. My advice is not only to stop it, but also to raise the younger generation not to do it as well!

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