Time management is the art of how to control spending your time doing different activities. Some people  relate time management to work tasks only, but I truly believe that if you want to be successful you have to  relatetime management to all your life activities especially personal ones.

Time management is very important because available time is limited, everyone has many tasks to be done at the same time but not all tasks have equal priority, without time management concept you will spend most of your day running after  undone tasks.

So either you manage your time or your time will manage you ;)

I decided to manage my time and I succeeded in doing so using Eisenhower method (a well-known method) so I want to share it with you:

  1. Define tasks list: define your tasks in a clear way and  assign an urgency factor to each oneso you can determine if it’s something that needs you to take some kind of immediate action or not.
  2. Define each task importance: This will help you determine if it’s something you need to do yourself or if it’s something that you can delegate.
  3. Then you can assign your tasks in Eisenhower guidance table easily.

So you will get 4 categories of tasks that needs to be implemented.

Category 1 are tasks that are both urgent and important. These tasks need to be done by yourself immediately. So it is better that you plan for it immediately and schedule the start and end of each task. However, spending most of your time doing these tasks, may  get you stuck in firefighting mode all the time,  what might steal the time to take a deep breath and plan for your future. Be careful!

Category 2 tasks are tasks that are important but not urgent. These tasks need to be done by yourself but not immediately so they need to move to your tasks plan in order to take its turn.

Category 3 tasks are tasks that are urgent but not important, so they require immediate attention, but not necessarily by you. Try to delegate these tasks to others to keep yourself focused.

Category 4 tasks are tasks that are neither urgent nor important, so they are mostly a waste of time. These tasks should be dropped.

This method is easy and organized one, you can use any other method you feel comfortable with but don’t ever forget to track your progress so you get motivated to implement your schedule.

Also you have to make plan and re-plan periodically to keep your daily schedule updated.

REMMEMBER! Either you manage your time or your time will manage you ;)

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