All those who are working in the business field should study marketing to a certain level because we are all working to satisfy the needs of our customers so how do you expect to satisfy a need that you don't understand? Or whom are you trying to satisfy? those are the kind of important questions you need to ask yourself, if your answer is I am trying to satisfy everyone interested in my field then you have to start thinking again because in each business domain, people are different and have different needs to satisfy and you cannot satisfy everybody but you have to know your targeted clients, identify their needs and understand where in the client mind you want to expose your edges.

Why would I care about this if I am a normal employee in the company?

Because every little detail happening inside or outside the company is concerned with the client satisfaction in a way or another, as an example if the designers in apple don't understand that their targeted clients have a need to feel prestigious they will be designing the IPhone like any normal mobile device but because they understand this need they invest a lot of money and effort to be different than their competitors and they use their recognition to this need to market it in their advertising campaign so you should invest some money and effort to understand your targeted clients’ needs to be able to better satisfy them than the competitors, and this is how you can increase your market share and profit without having to lean on assumptions because most of the time they will not be accurate.

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