For you who don't know who is Abraham Lincoln, he was the 16th President of the United states of America and one of its greatest leaders. He served two terms, during which the civil war broke out and he was the one to end it. He preserved the country union, reformed the constitution and ended slavery, and many more great actions for which he deserved to be one of the greatest through America's history.

Anyway, we're not discussing here his
political or military triumphs, but his personal accomplishments.  This is about Abraham Lincoln as an everyday person who possessed the qualities of a great leader, utilized what he had to achieve his goal that he always aspired.

One of his most-told about qualities was listening; he always "listened" to others even those opposing him, and after listening carefully to all sides of the story and opinions, only then he would make his decision. He didn't listen to his opponents only, but to all types of people, especially the poor and commons whom he loved and considered family and being one of them; they even used to call him Honest Abe.

Another leader-needed characteristic is - let's call it honesty, aside from the usual honesty we all know and think about - he was honest in giving credit of success to those who deserve it and sharing the blames of failure even though he was the leader of the nation and with the highest rank, he would admit his faults as being part of the country "management team" and being their head.

Of course he had some personal traits and talents that he worked on and which helped him to get where he wanted, like his sense of humor, his great speeches that are still of the few great oratories of all time. These talents and abilities that people can work on and develop, he used in another important aspect as a leader, which is communicating the vision and goals he had to his people, all types of peoples, common and highly educated people. He knew it was important to keep things simple in order for the majority of people to understand and thus support him.

He knew what and whom to delegate responsibilities to; he never thought of leading into every little detail of the nation, but rather chose the right people for the right positions and he would always communicate to them his trust and confidence in doing the right things. He would always mail his generals about what he sees is right and his vision and tell them they have the authority to take the actions they see as valid since they are more aware and qualified than he is in these matters.

Those are just a few of his leading qualities that one can learn from him.

And in short, there's no better place to study what makes people stand out and be the unique persons we know, admire, and appreciate, other than History.

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