If you are very passionate about running your own business, have you ever stopped to ask yourself those simple -yet hard to answer- questions. Why do I have a business? Why am I making all this efforts to run the business? Is it worth? Why do I work?
These simple questions make you think about the real reason behind running a business, your purpose of existence. We all love/want to have a business but have you ever thought about how you are going to make your business last?

Your purpose of existence

Definitely you thought about big names that lasted for many years (100+) and asked yourself, how did they do that, how did they last for such long time, does it depend on a person? do they have a leader between them that made them make all this success? But how their success lasted for 100+ years. The answer is very simple, “Purpose of existence and core values”, they all have this in common.
If you want to build a business that last for a long time, you have to think about your purpose of existence, don’t think about the money or the resources, think about the value that you have and believe in and want to share with the world, and this is the very first step in your success. When your purpose of existence is clear in your mind and prominent in your life, you will find others having the same purpose of existence and they will be very happy to join you in this journey.

Your tribe

If you are living for a value and truly living your purpose of existence, it is critical to choose very wisely your team, because you don’t want to have a team who is loyal to you or who believes in you (only) because if you change they will change. Your focus should be on a team who TRULY believe in the company purpose of existence and they are willing to do anything to live its values and to share it with the world. If you and your team are aligned to the purpose of existence all the doors are open for innovation because they don’t depend on you as their leader to initiate any action, they are all leaders, and they all want the same thing you want so they will do anything to achieve it.

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