Maybe it is not a common feeling that employees working in different fields, organizations and even countries have. However, feeling the “joy” of doing something unique, valuable and beneficial is tightly attached to the work life. It’s where we are “Productive” and where we meet people like colleagues and clients with tons of opportunities to build and enjoy good relations with those who works with us, which is something that can simply bring happiness and adds significance to one’s life, so if you are not happy going to work and just hold negative feelings in your way from home to where you work daily, please consider the following:

  • Communicate:

Take an advantage of being with people who are doing the same thing and heading same destination. In this environment you can express yourself and fulfill the need to feel that what you say has a value in the context of discussion. It will make you feel that you belong to the organization more and work becomes meaningful because you know that your contribution affects the organization that you are affiliated with.

  • Give and Take

Trust your co-workers in the day-to-day interactions, and go for learning new things from those who are around you even if they are younger, less experienced or just are not following your own life style…there will always be something to learn from your colleagues every day.

Find a common ground between you and all those who are sharing work duties with you to become more united with the organization’s mission and the bigger vision.

  • Give credit to others (share the reward)

“Happiness is never complete unless it is shared”, this is an old saying that encourages people to go public with their happy moments. As a reflection, I think it’s a great idea to share your rewards with others who have directly/ indirectly helped you get the reward.

These attitudes will not just make you happier with the reward you get, but will also give you confidence that it will be paid back to you someday when you help others performing better at their work, this definitely enhances the work space and make it more enjoyable.

  • Smile

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