Mohammed Abdel Sattar

No. It is the two visual fields (one from each eye) that, when combined in the visual cortex of the brain, produce our sense of depth and speed. Depth information can be produced by the brain using mono ocular cues acquired by just one eye, but in this case the feeling of depth is always incomplete. If you close one of your eyes you will not be able to judge depth correctly.
In Arkdev we take this scientific standpoint and apply it. As a newly hired Arkdevian I found that my relation with my team leader is what makes the vision of the project complete. I am his second eye, he is my second eye. For sure there are differences in the technical level (strength of each eye), but I am always encouraged to participate with what I know, and yes my little contribution completes the vision.

A great thing in the culture of Arkdevians is “Sharing”. It is not about “me”... Rather it is about “We”. We work together, we learn from each other’s, we do mistakes and we succeed together!  This is expressed clearly in our third core value: “Knowledge sharing is my way to grow and empower myself and others. Being one team, I happily share what I know with all Arkdevians.

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